Lots of qualities in just one product.

WCT resistance
Resistance to Wear, Cuts and Time

The use of top quality materials and the closing system unique of the genre, give the Mej block its durability overtime providing resistance to the blows and cuts generated during meats preparation.

Controlled drying
Thanks to an engineered system

The drying process is one of the strong points of our production, that exploits this marriage between ancient and modern.

Any size, personalization

In addition to the standard sizes we can produce Mej to customer's specifications. We are happy to work with whoever choses us as a partner, placing our expirience and availability at your service.

A.N.I.M.A. structure.
Patented composition of the internal core

The core of Mej is provided by the interaction of steel tie rods and wooden pegs that work together in sinergy. The steel forces the elements to adhere strongly while the pegs through a non toxic vynil glue block the wood's natural expantion.